The specialist in our family of x-ray inspection systems is MAXIknuckle. Enjoy perfection in fully automated defect-recognition:

MAXIknuckle™ – High-Speed Inline Inspection System

Jacobsen’s MAXIknuckle™ ADR is a fully automatic x-ray inspection system for light alloy steering and suspension components.

MAXIknuckle™ ADR is a fully automated x-ray inspection system of different types of knuckles.

Robot takes the part from the tray and presents parts to vision system which

  1. Identifies parts
  2. Identifies orientation of part
  3. Finds large visible defects
  4. Finds short shots
  5. Verifies serial number after getting serial number on print station

If not prevoisuly rejected (short shots etc.) robot places parts on X-ray rotating table in parts holder. After X-ray inspection, if parts are defective, label is attached to the parts either inside X-ray cabinet or outside on “Reject” station. The complete loading/unloading and visuall as well as x-ray evaluation is executed automatically and no human operator is involved. 

This system is suitable for fully automatic inspection of any complex part. Different parts require design changes to the loading and unloading station.