Welcome to Jacobsen

The Company Jacobsen was founded 30 years ago in Toronto, Canada. Since then we continually improved our machines and processes. This has enabled us to become one of the strongest companies in the field of industrial x-ray inspection. We strongly believe in “Perfection is our drive.”

We can provide pretty much everything related to “Industrial X-Ray Field”. From “Custom-Made System” based on our propietery “HyperComMachinery” concept to system components like H.V. Generators (50-500kV), X-Ray Tubes, 2D-Flat Panel Detectors (Digital Detector Arrays – DDA), 1D-Linear Diode Arrays, as well as hardware and software that suits your application and your budget

We entered in co-operative agreements with the Fraunhofer Institute and capitalized on skills these two companies have in x-ray field. We developed new innovative technologies and obtained number of patent publications. But not only that: we believe in a respectful use of resources and succeeded in establishment of regional and global networks to effectively serve our customers in every regions of the world.