The versatility of our system is a critical aspect for your smooth production process. Our MAXIwheel™ Classic will easily meet your challenges. See for yourself:

MAXIwheel™ – Wheel Inspection System

The system is designed to provide maximum uptime under the most demanding conditions and provide trouble free operation for years.  The system is modular, meaning it can be ordered according to your needs today, and upgraded to your requirements should they change.  

System components are designed with reliability and serviceability in mind.  Because of our modular approach, when parts need to be replaced, they can be replaced quickly, in most cases with basic tools. Quick-connect connectors are used extensively to make part changes quick and painless. Even the heart of the system, the manipulator, can be removed from the cabinet to make major repairs easier.

The following video shows a typical inspection cycle. The manipulator speed has been decreased to show detail.  In a typical inspection, a wheel enters the cabinet and is picked up by the manipulator.  It is positioned in a preprogrammed position in the x-ray beam and is rotated 370°.  The wheel is then moved to the next preprogrammed position.  After all parts of the wheel have been examined, the manipulator returns the wheel to the conveyor and the wheel is transported out of the machine.

One of the primary reasons for inspection of cast parts is safety.  X-ray inspection allows parts to be inspected for internal defects that could cause the part to fail.  Below are some images of defects found in cast aluminum wheels with a MAXIwheel™ Classic system.